Tip 1: Include a Visual Reward to Increase Retention

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TIP 1 : Include a Visual Reward in the First 30s of a Game to Increase the Retention Rate Day 1


When a user plays a game for the first time, there’s no denying their main objective – they want to win. They want to feel victorious and experience that little moment of satisfaction when they complete a level, beat a boss or surpass their personal best. And when it comes to hyper-casual games, there’s one simple thing that not only gives them that high but also helps to prove your retention rate Day 1 overall – and that’s visual rewards.

What is a visual reward?

What exactly do we mean by visual rewards? This concept refers to when a small display of encouragement is given to the player. This can occur when a player completes a level, does a great hit, or even unlocks a new feature. It is generally seen in the game as literal text (Wow! Fantastic!), through a sound effect, or a graphic feature (ie. ball goes on fire, background colour changes or points are increased significantly).

80% of hit games contain rewards

Indeed, this concept of rewards is not unfamiliar to top game developers, with 80% of hit games in 2018 containing some form of reward. By incorporating this reward, it creates a sense of achievement for the player – that they are good at the game and is thus likely to increase the retention rate long term.

The Impact of in-game reward: increase the retention rate day 1 of your app

Most game developers look at the Retention Rate Day 1, but, if you look more closely, you’ll see that many users leave the game after only 30 seconds. If you make the users play more than 30s, then you increase the Retention Rate Day 1. Based on our data, including a “reward” in the first 30 seconds of the game increases the RRD1 by 10 points.

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