It's no secret that

we're the experts in publishing.


You develop, we publish.

Homa Games is an independent mobile game studio specializing in the publishing, user acquisition and monetization of mobile games.
Serving both IOS and Android users, our existing games have been top ranked in their categories and have also appeared in 'featured apps' categories.


You can trust us.

We respect intellectual property, so you can trust that we'll never copy your game. We believe strongly in sharing all revenues fairly and having 100% transparency on data, meaning we have nothing to hide.


We're on the same team.

We guide you through each process carefully to ensure your game is ready for its launch on the market. Our game designers bring all their expertise and work closely with you to enhance the design of your game to take it from a good game to a hit.
We also provide round the clock support for development integrations and offer game design improvements as part of our service.


We've got powerful tech.

We understand that the mobile gaming landscape is competitive, which is why we've learned to be a step ahead of the crowd.
We're backed by the power of BidMotion technology, a tool created by our sister company which allows us to draw millions of unique users to your game.


Dynamic Team

Based in the heart of Paris and comprised of eight nationalities, our team is passionate about mobile publishing and helping mobile game developers grow their apps from scratch to millions of users.
As we continue to grow as a studio, our team is always looking for new talent to help shape the success of our new projects and welcomes any interest into new positions.

Are you ready to make your next game a hit?

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