Join the First IP Hypercasual Game Jam today!

We’re hosting The First IP Hypercasual Game Jam online for developers and studios interested in discovering what it means to develop a hypercasual game in collaboration with a worldwide brand.

After the success of our latest game NERF Epic Pranks! in collaboration with Kadka Studio and Hasbro, we’d like to share our expertise and work together to create amazing games next to you.

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Theme & Submissions

The Game Jam will kick off on September 9th at 2pm CET time, the theme will be announced at this time. 

Throughout the Game Jam participants are invited to attend our online masterlclasses provided by our Game Design team covering different topics involving IP hypercasual game development and brand usage.

Submissions are due on September 21st at 2pm CET time.

Create Next To Industry Experts

Olivier Le Bas

Co-Founder & CRO

Opening Ceremony
Day 1 – September 9th 2:00 PM CET
Opening Ceremony, Introduction

Areg Vanetsyan

Game Artist

Day 1- September 9th, 2:30 PM CET
Brand Guidelines and Art Usage

Vincent Rigitano

Game Designer

Day 2 – September 10th, 2:00 PM CET
Game Design: Goal Clarity 

Why Join?

Network with Industry Experts

Win a part of the $150K Prize Pool

Get Published with Homa Games!

Discover the IP experience in Hypercasual Games

*Prize Pool Rules

The top three teams could take home USD$50,000.00 from the shared prize pool and the opportunity to publish their titles with Homa Games.

Each winning project must reach higher D1 RR than 40% & D7 10%

The build will be tested without ads (not mandatory) and data will be collected with the average D1 RR & D7 RR on the cohort of the 3 first days on Facebook Analytics.

If more than 3 projects reach this threshold, the best D7 will distinguish the 3 winners.

Registration Process



After registering you will receive an email confirming your participation to the game jam with further instructions.



After receiving your email confirmation, please follow the instructions in it and sit tight the Game Jam will begin soon! 



We will provide you with access to our internal platforms where you'll be able to submit your final game. You must register to get all the relevant information and login access.



Have your game published with Homa Games and win a part of the 150K Prize Pool. Learn, network, and meet awesome people. We'll make sure you get something out of this experience!

Agenda at a Glance

Friday, August 14th
Registration Opens
Friday, August 14th
Wednesday, September 9th
DAY 1: Game Jam Kick Off & First Masterclass
2 PM CET time
- Kick Off presentation, theme announcement and rules by Olivier Le Bas, Co-Founder at Homa
- Art usage (characters, weapons, accessories, UI, etc) by Areg Vanetsyan, Game Artist at Homa
- Automation in the age of Hyper-Casual by Vincent Février, Publisher Account Director at Mopub
Wednesday, September 9th
Thursday, September 10th
DAY 2: Masterclass at 2pm CET Time

- Masterclass - Game clarity by Vincent Rigitano, Game Designer at Homa Games
- Masterclass - Signs & Feedbacks by Fantin Gislette, Game Designer at Homa Games
Thursday, September 10th
Monday, September 21st
DAY 13: Submission Deadline at 2pm CET time

Submission of your project, on iOS or Android, via our Homa Lab platform
Monday, September 21st
Tuesday, October 20th
Closing Ceremony
2 PM CET time
Winners announcement and closing ceremony by Daniel Nathan, CEO of Homa Games
Tuesday, October 20th

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What is a game Jam?

A Game Jam is a sprint-like innovation event where you’ll be challenged to work in teams to create the best performing game in a short period of time. You’ll be able to challenge yourself, collaborate with people from different backgrounds, and learn from industry experts.

How can I join the Game Jam?

To join the Game Jam simply register through this website. You will receive a confirmation email, and you can join our discord server in the meantime.

What is the Game Jams' theme?

The theme will be announced on September 9th at 2pm CET time through our social media channels and email.

How many people in a team?

That’s entirely up to you, if you’re looking for a team, you can team up on our discord server.

Who owns the IP?

Your game belongs to you. If we see that your game has potential for further development, we’ll speak to you directly and discuss further details of a possible publishing agreement.

Other Questions?