How to Pitch to Publishers


You’ve just finished producing your latest game – congratulations, it’s now time for you to pitch your game to a publisher! On today’s mobile gaming scene , it’s extremely competitive to have your game published and many publishers will see hundreds of games every month. So how exactly do you create an enticing pitch that really grabs a publisher’s attention?


Well luckily we’ve done the hard work for you.


The concept is simple: create an attractive and concise media kit that has everything a publisher needs and wants to know. You can easily do this and simultaneously blow their socks off by following these four easy steps:


1. Give a short introduction of yourself and your game


Firstly start by giving a brief introduction about who you are and what your background is. Questions to considering answering in these few sentences are: are you an independent developer or working in a team? What’s the name of your studio? In 25 words or less also briefly explain the concept of your game – one sentence should suffice. You should also include how long it took you to create the game (production time only).


2. Showcase your game!


This is your time to shine! Make sure to attach a video of your game’s screenplay so publishers can get a taste of your new game before they  even play it. Make sure you’ve ticked off the below checklist:



Screenplay checklist:
  • Video is exciting and interesting to watch
  • Demonstrate the player dying and reaching an objective (where applicable)
  • Show the onboarding section at the start of a game
  • Showcase different skins
  • Showcase different zones/levels



3. Include you game analytics


While your video might be impressive, analytics are just as important, as every game publisher will have different benchmarks they’re seeking in a game. Make sure to include a screenshot of your game’s analytics with the game’s title clearly visible. Your analytics should show the following:

  • Retention rate Day 1 & Day 7
  • Average session time per user

Also make sure to include a link to the app store if your app is live so they can play it in real life! If your game is not live, a Testflight link, Diawi link or APK is also a good alternative.

If you don’t have data yet, tell the publisher that the protoype has not been tested yet. If the game looks good, the publisher will run all the tests himself.


4. Be accessible


Make sure you’re accessible for the publisher to get in contact with you — if a publisher loves your game then they’ll want to organise the next steps moving forward. Include your contact details and propose the possibility of talking further about your game in the future – it will demonstrate you are serious and motivated to publish with them.


At Homa Games we’re no exception to other publishers, as we receive hundreds of games every month looking to be published. The ones that always stand out however are developers who include the above sections in their submissions. In including these four components, it showcases every part of your game quickly and concisely shows that you’re professional and serious about publishing your game with us.

So have you recently completed a game and are now thinking to pitch? Follow the above and send us an email at – we’d love to see your game!

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