Top 2019 Indie Dev Conferences to Attend


For indie developers looking to publish their next game or grow their network, gaming conferences are invaluable events that should be attended. At these events, you’re able to hear the latest gaming trends and topics from leading industry professional while rubbing shoulders with fellow developers, potential publishers and other service providers.

So get your calendars ready as we reveal to you the Top 2019 Indie Dev Conferences worth attending this year.
21 - 22nd January
London, United Kingdom
Quickly becoming one of the most renowned game conferences in the UK, Pocket Gamer Connects is an attractive networking event for indie gamers. Their mission is to “unite representatives from the entire global mobile games ecosystem, share insight and advice, discuss the hottest topics, and ultimately generate business opportunities to grow this industry even further.” With 50+ countries represented, 500+ speakers, networking activities and Indie Game competitions, it’s a must-attend event for indie devs who are looking to grow their network and exposure to new publishers in the industry.
31st January - 3rd February
Zurich, Switzerland
Ludicious is one of the distinctive game developer events in Switzerland, focused on the arts and crafts of game development, where game design and business meet. It has a curated program of speakers discussing the latest game development trends and topics from the industry, as well as “matchmaking” events designed to introduce small to midsize developers to commercial contacts in the industry.
12 - 13th February
Berlin, Germany
Attracting over 4,000 visitors per year, the White Nights Conference is an international business conference for game industry with the content across mobile, PC, console, web, AR and VR. A fantastic event to grow your network of publishers or service providers, a number of influential game industry professionals often attend with the conferences also being held in St Petersburg and Berlin.
18 - 22nd March
San Francisco, USA
The Game Developer Conference based in San Francisco brings together 28,000 attendees to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry with five days of education, inspiration, and networking. The GDC Expo showcases the latest game development tools and services from 550 leading technology companies and provides matchmaking opportunities for developers and business figures.
18 - 22nd March
San Francisco, USA
Game Connection’s mission is in its name. This yearly conference aims to connect game developers both and indie and senior to prospective industry professionals, including publishing & distribution partners, work-for-hire and service providers.
11-13th April
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Reboot Develop is a conference focused strictly on games industry professionals such as game developers, artists, audio artist (both seniors and indie), managers, PR, marketing experts, or sales and publisher representatives. With over 2000+ attendees expected in 2019 alongside 800+ companies, it prides itself on being a unique and rich event for concentrated gaming industry figures.
28 - 30th May
London, United Kingdom
Casual connect is another great industry networking conferences for indie devs to have the chance to meet commercial individuals who can help publish their next game. Set over two days, you can learn from over 100 leaders in established and emerging markets of the games industry – covering game design, esports, social casino, funding, next-generation technology and best practices.
22 - 30th June
São Paulo, Brazil
Easily the largest independent gaming festival in Latin America, BIG Festival attracted over 36,000 visitors in 2018 and hosted over 180 free lectures during the event. Their mission is to strengthen the game ecosystem in Brazil, the event covers competition between national and international games with cash prizes, exhibition of the selected games, awards ceremony, lectures and business rounds.
20 - 24th June
Cologne, Germany
If you’re looking to catch all the industry news and trends, this one’s for you. Gamescom is one of the biggest game conferences in Europe centred around the latest gaming trends releases and industry figures. Attracting half a million visitors in 2018, the conference prides itself on the the “you heard it here first” mantra, as the conference hosts a hundreds of key industry speakers revealing the latest trends and games to be released over the next 12 months.
TBC November
Busan, South Korea
G-Star is one of the largest gaming conferences in South Korea, showcasing a wide range of new PC, mobile and virtual reality games being developed by major game companies. Last year’s event featured nearly 3,000 booths and brings together more than 650 game companies from 30 countries.

As for Homa Games, we’re set to attend some of these conferences this year so don’t miss the chance to meet us in person! Check out where we’re heading next on our events page, or if we’ve missed an event you think we should attend, reach out to us!

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